About this Blog: “Coming Out” in LGBTQ literature for Young Adults: Portrayals of LGBTQ teens, their families, friends and other influential figures


Love=Love used with a Creative Commons attribution license. Click on the photo for a link to the original photo.

Hello everyone! We are Asia, Jessica, John, and Seanna, all working remotely from different universities in North America to address issues in LGBTQ literature written for young adult (YA) audiences. We are specifically examining the experience of “coming out,” and the subsequent reactions of families, friends, and other influential figures. We are writing these posts to examine different works dealing with these matters to gauge the frequency and degrees by which parents are supportive, un-supportive, hostile, or neutral of and toward their children coming out or the state of their children being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/ questioning or “queer.”

Our blog is divided into four main components, all of which help to detail the rich literary and informational resources available to LGBTQ young adults:

1) Fiction Reviews
2) Non-Fiction Resources
3) Links and Web Resources
4) Featured Author Profile

We are doing this as an assignment for LIBR 526 – Literature and Other Materials for Young Adults out of the University of British Columbia. We are future librarians and information professionals who wish to serve our young adult patrons of the future better by knowing this subject area with greater depth and detail.  We embark on this literary journey without preconceived notions of what to expect, as this is a quickly evolving area of literature, and we are concentrating on works published from 1990 to the present (2011). If you have any comments to make on our reviews, comments, or analyses, please do so in a constructive manner by which others passing through may be informed and enlightened.


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